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Follow your heart


I never expect to hear such advice from a guy. Read the title again? Yes. Follow your heart. A wise word from adik. (I just realize that he has grown up so well now) That I can sit and have a formal but not-so-serious kind of talk. Who else can ever know me so well? Especially when you in a deep deep deep family crisis and you obviously need someone who understand well enough about every member in the family, so adik is obviously the one.

I'm not saying this because he's my adik or because he's a guy or any some other made-up reasons, but its because he actually can feel me. Yea, Sofian can feel me too but of course in some other way. Anyway, I'm not planning to elaborate much let alone to spill every single story about my downside life at the moment (sebab aku tak suka cerita benda-benda yang tak happy dalam belog). So it's just, I wanted to remind myself (and maybe you too) to... 

"Do whatever you want to do, as long as the bad feeling w…

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