I freak out a bit


Macam biasalah, I miss to blog on May as well. Tahu-tahu je dah masuk bulan Jun. How pathetic. But alhamdulillah, banyak benda yang dah setel. The wedding of course kau ingat aku tengah sembang pasal ape haaa? 

Katering - done
Baju - done
Pelamin - done
Hantaran - done
Goodies - done
Photographer - done
PA System - done
HIV test - done

Ini macam punya gaya ambek darah pon bolehlah.
(bakal laki aku ka ni wooiihhh)

Ok patah balik, kesimpulannya, banyak benda yang dah setel alhamdulillah, Only the documents to be submitted to PAID left. Masalahnya si Sofian ni yang spesis kerja jauh nau nau dan balik pun dua minggu sekali and all those document has to be done within 2 weeks maknanya camano tu? Kena rushing bab dokumen ni lebih sikit laa gamaknya. Hhmm...

So tahun ni ramadhan sebagai tunangan orang. Tahun depan wife orang. 2 months plus plus left. No, I am not that nervous. First, due to the workloads. And second, due to the house in progress. I know, the wedding is a big thing as well but not as big as this house things. Which I am fully in charge of it so that's maybe the reason why wedding fall for second.

Plus, Aimy and Pit going to join our wedding as well so it makes me so far from care about this wedding things sebab Aimy ni bagusnya dia punya service cepat dan pantas. And also too many ideas, to many comments, to many do's and don'ts to the extend I wish I can settle with just the akad nikah things. Tak larat nak fikir bersanding and what so ever semua tu. That's the reason why I am more into my house right now. Because it's my house. Nobody can say anything about my way to decorate it. (other than Sofian of course). So it's all on me. Hah!

Well, it's true that I am not nervous at the moment. But there's a time I sit and think and figure myself as a wife. And shout.... NOOOOOOOO!!!!! No to obey everything your husband going to ask or wish walaupun benda tu tidak salah di sisi agama. I mean if you ever rebel, you're berdosa. Like seriously? Selama 27 tahun ni tak pernah terfikir nak put decision on someones else hand selain daripada mak ayah so just thinking about that makes me freak out a bit. 

So done beli barang hantaran.

Sekarang dah tak freak out balik.
Tunggulah lagi dua bulan.